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Holdin' It So Long
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Multifarious Journeys
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Rosettes (limited edition 12" color vinyl LP)

Steveadelic with Rose White • Oak • Eric • Jason • Vic • Bill
Limited edition color vinyl LP -- order on eBay!
Side One (21:54)
  • Be Free (4:29)
  • Sleighbell Sedative (3:49)
  • Downbeat (Live It Proudly) (3:40)
  • Seasons of Life (4:11)
  • Universal Beat (5:42)
Side Two (21:55)
  • Green Tambourine * (3:31)
  • The Acapulco Lad (2:43)
  • What's This? (3:28)
  • One of a Kind (3:34)
  • Live in the Moment (3:47)
  • Sky High (4:48)
  • * Green Tambourine by Paul Leka and Shelley Pinz, Copyright Paul Leka Music c/o BMG Platinum Songs Us and Shelly Pinz Music c/o BMG Platinum Songs Us

Positrons (limited edition 12" color vinyl LP)

Steveadelic with Oak • Eric • Marty
Limited edition color vinyl LP -- order on eBay!
The One Side (20:47)
  • Tribal Smile Radio (0:18)
  • Spring Forward (3:55)
  • On Hold (2:53)
  • Town Meeting Today * (3:01)
  • Impoid (0:41)
  • Panopticon (2:11)
  • Picnic Weather (2:24)
  • Some Assembly Required (3:50)
  • Early Morning Ditty (1:34)
  • * Town Meeting Today includes public domain spoken audio clips from the Nov. 26, 1936, broadcast of "What Does The Public Want In Music?" on the "America's Town Meeting of the Air" radio program
The Other Side (21:50)
  • Pleiades (2:19)
  • Mobulator Box (2:24)
  • Turkin Roydster (3:38)
  • Solar Explosion (3:04)
  • Sinner Man ** (10:24)
  • ** Sinner Man by Les Baxter and Tim Holt, Copyright Chappell and Co. ... a bonus track exclusive to the LP not available on streaming services

Holdin' It So Long (limited edition 12" color vinyl LP)

Steveadelic with Squirrel • Oak • Vic
Front cover artwork by Squirrel

Limited edition color vinyl LP -- order on eBay!
Side 1 (20:53)
  • The Cutemonger (0:39)
  • The Ballade of Danny Keen (2:18)
  • Pineal Mochus (2:57)
  • Boogie Woogie Worm Domination (3:13)
  • Trombone Chairswallow (3:52)
  • Beauty/Brand New Day (3:38)
  • Closing Credits (2:09)
Side A (21:34)
  • Holdin' It So Long (21:34)

Multifarious Journeys (limited edition 12" color vinyl LP)

Steveadelic with Oak • Rose White • Emmy • Dan • Ricardo • Maciek • Mark
Limited edition color vinyl LP -- order on eBay!
  • Together (4:55)
  • A Touch (4:31)
  • Birthday * (2:45)
  • Serenity (3:09)
  • It's Only Me (2:51)
  • Pictures of Matchstick Men (Emmy's Megamix) ** (3:42)
  • * Birthday By John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Copyright Sony/ATV Tunes LLC dba ATV o/b/o ATV Northern Songs Catalog
    ** Pitcures of Matchstick Men By Francis Dominic Rossi, Copyright Universal-McA Music Pub o/b/o Valley Music Ltd.
  • Big Deal (1:09)
  • Charlie (4:50)
  • Deep Waters (4:21)
  • From The Crap We Grow (2:27)
  • The Alien Song (4:02)
  • Greetings From Planet Earth (4:36)

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What kinds of music is this? A delightful variety of styles from electronic, avant-garde, dance, and chill to alternative, rock, psychedelic, and space basement. You’ll hear all of A Tribal Smile’s recent color vinyl LP releases, plus individual songs and cosmic emissions too. Something for everyone!

Who are the radio station hosts? Like a college radio station, this station is hosted by a charmingly strange assortment of DJs who add unique styles to the experience, including Jonny Socko, Danny Mothra, Oliver Middlebrook, Spanky Bottoms, Eddie Gold Obvious, Gary Hurglewitz, and more!

What does it cost? While there’s no cost to use these free services, let’s consider the cost of not streaming A Tribal Smile daily. Just think, you could be grooving to toe-tapping tunes, drifting away with chill psychedelia, and discovering your new most favorite song. What’s to lose?

What is A Tribal Smile? An ever-morphing ensemble of musicians from around the world who collaborate in-person and/or on-line to create unique musically sonic experiences. Their mothership is in geostationary orbit above metro Detroit, Michigan; they do visit us from time to time.

Where can I learn more? The fine folks at A Tribal Smile routinely update this website, tribalsmile.com. In addition, they rarely but not never use social media stuff, facebook.com/tribalsmile and instagram.com/atribalsmile. They also use carrier pigeons and smoke signals, too.

How much of the above is real? Well, we think most of what’s truthful is real. The bit about the carrier pigeons and smoke signals was mostly added as a laugh and, to the best of our knowledge, they’re not actually in geostationary orbit above the planet. At least we don’t think so for sure.

What else is there to say? We say, please download the app and/or enable the skill and listen for yourself. If a particular tune doesn’t suit your fancy, maybe get a glass of water or whatnot and by the time you come back, something very different will most likely be playing. Come join the adventure!

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