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Songs from What Does That Button Do? (2021)
Songs from Uncovered (2021)
  • Green Tambourine (3:31)
  • Red Rubber Ball (2:35)
  • Pictures of Matchstick Men (3:42)
  • (Green Tambourine by Paul Leka/Shelley Pinz as experienced by A Tribal Smile)
    (Red Rubber Ball by Paul Simon/the Cyrkle as experienced by A Tribal Smile)
    (Pictures of Matchstick Men by the Status Quo as experienced by A Tribal Smile)
Songs from Hey Suzy (It's Your Birthday)
Songs from Station Identification (2004)
Songs from Gallifrey Music (2002)
Songs from The Upbeat Song EP (1999)
Songs from Entropy (1996)
Songs from Jonny Sokko vs the Sinnerman (1996)
Songs from Electramystical Celebrations (1989)
Songs from Rewind the Flaming Porkheads (1987)

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secret long-lost space basement cassette archive bonanza

a tribal smile, rendered in fractals on an Wintel 386 using FractInt back in the day

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